Tyco Ireland’s Donal Sullivan talks ‘doing business in Cork’

We spoke to Donal Sullivan V.P and G.M of Tyco Ireland about what doing business in Cork and life in Cork means to him. Here’s what he told us…

How do you find Cork as a location to do business?
Tyco finds Cork to be excellent, great workforce with a ‘can-do’ attitude.

How does it stack up cost wise against other locations?
Cork is a very competitive 2nd City location in a European context. For complex manufacturing and test or for global business services, Cork can compete and win in the international market.

Are there good business supports available in the region?
Yes, Cork is particularly strong here, IDA and Enterprise Ireland are very proactive, offer invaluable help advice and support and enable collaboration with peer companies, to drive up standards, develop talent clusters and best practice learning. The Cork Chamber of Commerce is very strong and does an excellent job in the region and a very helpful partner.

If you were describing Cork to someone who did not know much about the place what would you say?
Cork has an excellent quality of life, a great energy, a new wave of companies landing and established ones expanding. There’s a growing diversity in the region with people from many nationalities relocating to Cork. It’s a university city, with 30K+ students, so there’s an excellent talent pipeline and high quality education available.


From your point of view what are the biggest advantages to operating a business in Cork?
Cost competitive, high quality talent, proven track record of success, cluster of world class companies in the ICT & Life Sciences and Food & Beverage sectors.

Do you find it easy to attract people to work with your company in Cork?
Yes, like anything you have to invest effort and energy into the process, but we have had no difficulties in securing what we need.

How would you describe the quality of the indigenous workforce in Cork?
There’s a world-class talent pool, who have gained tremendous experience working with some of the world’s leading companies. In addition you have returning Irish from all over the world and non-nationals moving to Cork for the opportunities available and quality of life on offer.

Could you describe the general work ethic that you have experienced in Cork?
Most FDI companies are U.S. and there is a great sense of cooperation and mutual understanding. The work ethic here is a winning one, a combination of hard work, can-do attitude and pursuit of excellent business results.

What is the general consensus of your team about working and living in Cork?
They love it!

How would you describe your personal experience of living and working in Cork?
Where else would you rather be? Great food, great scenery, great education, safe and friendly. A bit more sunshine would be nice though!

Is it a good place to raise a family?
It is – an excellent education system for a low cost, a broad array of attractions and activities, a compact city with great shopping, dining, and entertainment offerings, and a huge sporting culture.

What is the one stand out feature about Cork that has resonated with you? 
Cork is a place where you can get a lot done. It’s easy to engage with all stakeholders and there’s a sense of common purpose, driving the region forward that’s really refreshing and energising.