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Architectural Conservation Area [ACA] Grant Schemes


Architectural Conservation Area Grant 2015



Applications were invited for the Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) Grant Scheme for 2015, which has been run annually in different parts of the city since 2011. The closing date for receipt of completed applications was 4pm on Friday 5 June 2015.

  ACA Grant Scheme Advert 2015

The City Council has allocated €50,000 to the scheme to assist the owners of historic buildings in Cork's Historic City Core to undertake works necessary to secure their conservation. The 2015 Scheme is targeted at the following areas:

  • Blackpool ACA (Gerard Griffin Street and Great William O’Brien Street but excluding Thomas Davis Street);
  • Shandon ACA / North Mall ACA
  • Washington Street and South Main Street (south) (North Main Street ACA);
  • Douglas Street area (South Parish ACA); and
  • Barrack Street area (South Parish ACA).


ACA Grant Scheme 2015 Map

The scheme is not intended to assist in carrying out routine maintenance, alterations or improvements & the scheme does not apply to works begun before the commencement of the scheme.

Maximum grants of €10,000 are available for successful applicants up to a maximum of 50 per cent of the cost of works. Cork City Council aims to achieve maximum value and impact for scarce public funds through this grant scheme and applications are prioritized.

Applications from owners of buildings in Architectural Conservation Areas outside of the scheme area may also be submitted and if the available funds for the scheme area are under-subscribed then these applications will be considered according to the Scheme of Priorities.

ACA Grant Scheme Application Form 2015

Scheme of Priorities 2015

We encourage you to contact the City Council before making an application if you require advice and do not intend to appoint a professional advisor (e.g. architect, surveyor, conservation specialist).






(021) 492-4086 or (021) 492-4757


The City Council has put together a list of conservation practitioners that have undertaken work and are still operating. This list was last updated in March 2015, and includes building contractors, joiners who repair / upgrade windows, and other skills. The list does not imply any form of endorsement.

Please click on the link below for a list of Conservation Practitioners.

Professional Conservation Advisors list March 2015

Joiners List 2015

Skills List 2015

Please click on the link below to view projects completed with the assistance of the ACA Grant Scheme in previous years.

ACA Grant Scheme 2013

A Cork City Council brochure prepared to provide further information on architectural conservation areas and principles of best practice in conservation can be found by clicking on the link below:

ACA Advice and Guidance(2,554KB)