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Employment and Land Use Survey 2016

Cork City Council has undertaken Employment and Land Use Survey in the City since the early 1970s. The information collected provides a basis for monitoring development and employment trends in the city. The 2016 survey of the 6000+ businesses and organisations in the City commenced in June and will be complete by August, with results being available sometime later in Autumn 2016.

The Employment and Landuse survey gives insight into changing economic trends for both the city as a whole and defined areas within it, such as the City Centre. There is no other source of this kind of comprehensive information on the city and is therefore an extremely valuable tool in the work of the section. In summary it gives information on employment activities in the City, job numbers, job locations, sectors experiencing growth or decline, number of new businesses and movement of businesses.

Key findings from the 2011 survey were as follows:

  • From 2006-201 overall city employment fell by 2%;
  • City Centre employment fell by 13%;
  • City Centre’s share of employment is falling: City Centre share fell from 38% to 34% between 2006 and 2011. There appears to be a growing trend of businesses relocating to more   suburban areas such as Blackpool and Mahon;
  • The North-West sector showed the greatest increase due mainly to the expansion of Apple Operations Europe;
  • The North East and South East were the most popular sectors for businesses relocating while the South Centre sector was the least popular.

A full summary report from the 2011 survey is available here.