Cork City Council's Air Quality Strategy


The CityTrees project has been developed as part of the city’s draft Air Quality Strategy and is part of ongoing efforts to ensure sustainability is at the heart of the Council’s operations and future growth. 

The Cork City Council Air Quality Strategy will be launched on Thursday 12 August 2021.

In 2019, Cork City Council installed a network of air quality monitors at various locations across the city. The sensors measure fine dust particulate matter, which is among other things, a by-product of burning solid fuel. 

These low-cost air sensors are indicators of air quality and are best used to provide data trends. Under certain weather conditions, these can overestimate the fine particulate count and so a correction factor has beenapplied to them in recent months at

Cork City Council is focused on addressing air pollution and continues to enforce the prohibition on the sale of smoky fuel.

In a recent public survey conducted by Cork City Council on attitudes towards air pollution, 97% of the 744 respondents deemed air quality as important or very important and 49.5% of respondents deemed air quality in the city as ‘occasionally poor’ or ‘generally poor’. Up to 47% of those who answered the survey are most concerned with air pollution from traffic with 17.8% citing solid fuel burning as a concern.

Cork City Council Air Quality Strategy 2021-2026

To view the Cork City Council Air Quality Strategy, please see: