The Rutter Album

In November 1918, Cork Public Museum purchased a photo album from a local auction. The album had belonged to a John Hoyton Rutter and is mostly composed of photographs taken during the years 1902/03. John Rutter was 22 years old at the time and photographed several important events that took place in the city at that time. These included the 1902/03 Cork International Exhibition and the 1903 visit to Cork by King Edward VII. Rutter also photographed many of his family and friends and took his camera on a family holiday to Devon/Cornwall in 1903. Rutter’s family were successful producers and distributors of Rutter Cider and had an office on the South Mall.

 The visit of King Edward VII on August 1st 1903 was a moment of real excitement in the city. These photographs show the scenes on the South Mall (left) and on the quays outside the old City Hall that can be seen in the background.

(Above) Scene from the opening day procession of the Cork International Exhibition, 1st May 1902.


A rare image of the Canadian Pavilion that was situated at the International Exhibition, now Fitzgeralds Park 1902-03 .      Rutter-02

(Above) A rare photograph of the Canadian pavilion that was located on the exhibition grounds, 1902-03.

(Right) The visit of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra on the 1st Aug 1903. The photograph shows the procession at the junction of the Grand Parade and Daunts' Square


Self-portrait of John Hoyton Rutter and his camera

 (Above) Self-portrait by John Hoyton Rutter. Rutter collection