Cork LGBT Collection

This large collection consists of 104 boxes and an estimated 4,500 documents relating to the social/cultural history in Cork, from the 1960s until the present day. The material was collected by Arthur Leahy over the last fifty years. Orla Egan from the Cork Gay Project has spearheaded the creation of this archive, and she has secured funding from the Heritage Council for the collection to be catalogued. We hope to have this archive available for public research/inquiry by the end of 2020. We also hope to create a permanent LGBTQ exhibition once the collection has been fully catalogued. This extremely important collection now forms the core of our LGBTQ archive that will be added to in the coming years, and which will prove to be an important resource for this and future generations in studying the history and progress of LGBTQ rights in Ireland since the 1960s. 

Gay pride Poster from 1982     National Gay Pride Week 1981     

(Above) Gay Pride poster, 1982.

(Right) National Gay Pride week, 1981.


National Gay Conference Cork 1981

 (Above) National Gay conference, name tags. Cork 1981.



  (Above) Short extract from the forthcoming documentary, 'The House in the Park'. Courtesy of Framework Films 2022.