Below Our Feet-Viking Cork



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This exhibition aims to highlight some of the findings from the excavation with particular emphasis on the earliest excavated levels dating from the late 11th and the 12th century; the late Viking age or the Hiberno-Norse. A period when the cultural sphere experienced a mixture of Scandinavian and native Irish influence. This exhibition places particular emphasis on the wooden structures and items recovered from the excavations.

Twelfth century Cork was essentially a wooden town; all the houses and many of the objects in everyday use were made from wood.

As it was not possible  to offer public access to the excavations due to the restrictions pertaining to the construction sites, the exhibition aims to give the public a glimpse of some of the main findings. As the post-excavation analysis is at an early stage, the exhibition offers an archaeological preview which has the potential  to be developed and expanded in the future

The exhibition has been funded by BAM Construction  and prepared by Dr Maurice Hurley , archaeologist  and his staff in conjunction with the students of the MA course in Museum Studies at the Department of Archaeology at UCC.


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