Senior Engineers - LEGO Summer Camp (9-12 yrs)

Learn it Machines and Mechanisms camp introduces children to the world of mechanical engineering. Working on projects based on real world mechanics we have developed an excellent camp in which children will discover mechanisms such as gears, pulleys and levers. Experience how friction, weight distribution and other forces affect mechanics. Learn about forces and motion and discover wind power and renewable energy. Promoting technical skills sought by engineering industry leaders, our Machines and Mechanisms camp helps to develop your child’s technical, mathematical, analytical and problem solving skills. Students work in teams of 2-3 on a variety of projects throughout the week. Following a curriculum devised by Learnit, with input from the engineering industry, they start off with simple projects on Day One, discovering different mechanisms and forces. As the camp progresses, they develop their knowledge of these mechanisms to build more complex projects, while learning about acceleration, velocity, gear ratios, distance and area. As the end of the week approaches, the children are given the opportunity to build much more complex projects, drawing on the knowledge and skills they have learned over the preceding days.

17 - 21 Jul 2023 10:00 - 14:00

Location: Lifetime Lab @Old Cork Waterworks

Contact: Learn it


Price: 125

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Learnit LEGO Summer Camp