Third-Party Services

Services Provided By Third-Parties

This page was last updated: 02-05-2024

You may be asked to enter personal information should you choose to engage with any of the following services:  

  • - digital forms platform.  More specific information regarding privacy and data collection is provided upon registration.
  • - Submissions to public consultations. CiviQ is the third-party processor and registration is required to use the service.
  • Cork City Now - messaging alert service
  • - E-commerce
  • Future Ticketing  - E-ticketing and online booking
  • HomeSwapper  - Social housing exchange pilot programme
  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agent

    We use a chatbot to assist visitors with queries and to help them navigate our website. This service is automated and there is no interaction with an actual person. It does not open by default when you visit our site, only when the chat icon is clicked in the bottom-right of the screen. The service is hosted on a third-party platform, Microsoft Power Virtual Agents. No personal data is requested or collected while using the service. Your use is recorded anonymously for statistical purposes.

Payment Service Providers

The following sites use as a payment service provider:, and Future Ticketing.

Media Display
  • Vimeo - the majority of embedded video content on this website is provided by
  • YouTube - used for live streaming and certain embedded content. YouTube cookies enable tracking of browsing history should you be logged in to your google account.
  • FlippingBook - display of documents in a user-friendly 'flip book' style.
Social Media

The following social media sites may track your browsing behaviour should you be logged in to an account while visiting this site.

Mailing Lists
  • Mailchimp.  Used for curating contact lists for newsletters and relevant solicited information.

Cork City Council uses Reciteme as an accessibility tool for this website.

QR Codes

Beaconstac is the current provider of dynamic QR Codes for Cork City Council. We use QR codes to direct traffic to and to other secure and approved sites that are compliant with all relevant ePrivacy and Data Protection legislation.

Links to External Sites

Hyperlinks to external websites are present on this site. In line with Cork City Council’s website policy, we only include hyperlinks to secure and approved sites that are compliant with all relevant ePrivacy and Data Protection legislation. However, we stress that external sites are governed by their own privacy and security policies and we accept no responsibility for their content should you choose to visit them.