The City in Green



In March 2021, at a time when we couldn't gather together as we would have liked, but a time we really needed some cheer and comfort, over 50 buildings in Cork City lit up in Green for St. Patrick's Festival .

Monuments, hotels, venues, even bridges cast out a sign that week, a sign that Cork was resolute in celebrating our national day, and that we were ready and waiting to welcome visitors when that day came again. Cork St. Patrick's Festival also commissioned a huge statement - a message on R&H hall - as testament to our commitment to look after each other.

As the world slowly emerged from Lockdown in 2022 it seemed this idea had really caught the imagination, so many locations were eager to join in again - and so we have a new tradition. Enjoy a stroll or drive around over festival weekend, and feel the distinct sense of community Irishness and pride, as Cork goes Green.


Note: To be environmentally conscious, most venues are use low energy LED lighting, and some have their lighting operating for restricted hours.