Christmas Movies at Triskel

17th - 22nd December

Don't miss your annual visit to the McAllisters, John McClaine, George Bailey and Rizzo the Rat. Classic Christmas movies on the big screen, leading into Christmas week.


Location: Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street

Cost Applies

Booking required: Yes, and walk-ups facilitated where possible

Link: triskelartscentre/cinema

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The Muppet Christmas Carol

Description: Michael Caine and the Muppets star in this famous adaptation of Charles Dickens' quintessential Christmas tale: A Christmas Carol.

Ebeneezer scrooge is a miser who values nothing but money. However, when a series of ghosts show him what his life's actions have wrought and what they may yet cause, he realises the true value of humanity and the spirit of Christmas.

This is an extended cut of the film, featuring the musical number "When Love is Gone".

Day/Date: 17 December to 22 December

Time: Sun 17th: 12:00pm  Mon 18th-Fri 22nd: 3:30pm



Home Alone

Description: When the McCalister family go on holiday, they leave only one thing behind and that’s Kevin, their eight-year-old son. And as two bumbling burglars attempt to break into the house Kevin is left all alone to defend his home and outwit the burglars by waging war in the only way he knows how…

Breaking box office records when it was originally released and quickly established as a Christmas classic, Home Alone continues to warm the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Day/Date: Sunday 17th-Friday 22nd December

Time: Sun 17th: 2:15pm;  Mon 18th-Fri 22nd: 5:45pm



It's A Wonderful Life

Description: On Christmas Eve, George Bailey, a man beset with troubles, contemplates taking his own life. But his guardian angel appears and provides a vision of what the world would be like without him, making him appreciate the good in the world and what he contributes to it

Day/Date: 17 December to 19 December

Time: Sun 17th: 4:45pm; Mon 18th -Tue 19th: 8:15pm



Die Hard

Description: New York cop, John McClane (Bruce Willis) has flown to LA in an attempt to reconnect with his wife at her company Christmas party. But when the high-rise building is taken over by terrorists, led by sophisticated-yet-ruthless Hans Gruber,   John will have to fight to save more than just his marriage. With thrilling action, hilarious comedy and iconic performances by Willis and Rickman, this film has earned its reputation as a classic. Especially at Christmas.

Day/Date: 20 to 22 December

Time: 8:15pm