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Energy Security and Renewable Energy

Ireland is very dependent on imported fossil fuels. As well as a contributory factor to Climate Change, over 90% of our energy which we use to heat our homes, power our factories and transport ourselves to our place of work is derived from fossil fuels. Ireland has the forth highest dependency in Europe on fossil fuels. Cork City Council has long championed renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy sources are those which occur naturally and repeatedly in the environment. These sources include the sun, wind, oceans, plant life and falling water. It can also include energy from waste and new technologies such as fuel cells. All electricity consumed by Cork City Council is sourced from green power sources. Over 15% of our transport fleet uses renewable biofuels. There are many more examples where City Council has taken a lead role in the use of alternative energy sources.

Energy White Paper 2007,1519,en.pdf

BioEnergy Action Plan

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines

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Biofuel Vehicles