Wildflowers of Cork City and County

"Wildflowers of Cork City and County" by Tony O'Mahony

A new and exciting book on the “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” by Tony O Mahony, has been published by Collins Press. This book is a stimulating and contemporary account of the flora and habitats of Ireland’s largest county. A handsome mix of spectacular photography and fascinating facts, “Wildflowers of Cork City and County” provides a wealth of botanical data for both the professional botanist and enthusiastic amateur alike. Further information >

The Environment

Cork City Council Climate Change Strategy

Cork City Energy Agency commissioned the first climate change strategy for the City Council in June 2010. The purpose of this document is to set out the current international and national policies in relation to global warming and thereafter to detail various actions which Cork City Council will take in support of same. These actions are designed to assist in reducing the level of greenhouse gasses at local level.   More information on the climate change strategy ...

Energy Security and Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources are those which occur naturally and repeatedly in the environment. These sources include the sun, wind, oceans, plant life and falling water. It can also include energy from waste and new technologies such as fuel cells. Further information on Energy Security and Renewable Energy ...

Energy Efficiency

The Irish Government has recently published an action plan to reduce energy demand in the country. The proposed plan examines how the 20% reduction in energy demand - 33% for public bodies will be achieved over the period to 2020. Further information on Energy Efficiency ...