Cork 2050 - Delivering a Bright Future for Cork

 Cork 2050 is a joint submission by Cork County Council and Cork City Council to the National Planning Framework. It is a whole of Cork proposition presenting an evidence-based strategy for maximising the unique capacity of Cork to complement Dublin. Cork 2050 also positions Cork as a driver of growth internationally on behalf of the State and will deliver balanced regional growth through collaborative leadership.

Welcoming the submission, The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Des Cahill, and the Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Séamus McGrath stated

“On behalf of our colleagues, the Elected Members of Cork County Council and Cork City Council and all the people we serve, we are delighted to support this ‘whole of Cork ’ integrated approach. This collaboration on economic, land use and transportation planning will shape the future of our City, our County, the Region and State in the coming decades. “

Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey went on to say

“Cork 2050 is ambitious but realistic submission, reflecting the unique capacity of all of Cork, Metropolitan Cork, Cork City and County. The approach is delivery-focused and is grounded on the principles of equity and sustainability. Cork 2050 will, with the appropriate policy support and investment prioritisation at a national level, deliver a better future for all.”

The Chief Executive of Cork City Council, Ann Doherty, also welcomed the initiative:

Cork 2050 will provide a solid foundation with which to attract both the investment and talented people on which Cork’s sustainable development and resilience depends. These growth opportunities will also require new thinking, not least in how to cater for the needs of both our existing and new communities.”

Both Mayors asking Cork communities and stakeholders to work to help ensure that Cork, its people and its assets will deliver on its unique potential on behalf of Cork, the Southern Region and the State.

Cork 2050 Executive Summary

Cork 2050 Main Report