Taking in Charge of Public Areas

Section 180 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended) provides the basis for “taking in charge”. 

When a residential development is completed in accordance with all the conditions and particulars of the planning permission, the developer may make a written request to the Planning Department to have the public areas of the estate taken in charge (e.g. roads, public open space, car parking areas and services). Alternatively, a majority of residents may also make a written request (please refer to s180 of the Act for further details). 

A completion certificate must also be submitted from a Consultant Engineer on behalf of the developer. Constructed drawings and a drainage survey must be submitted and details of any way leaves. 

On foot of a request to take an estate in charge Cork City Council representatives will visit the site to inspect it in order to establish that:


  • all works are completed satisfactorily;
  • development is in accordance with the planning permission granted; and
  • the development is completed to the required standards for the City Council to take it in charge.  

Any defects found will be notified to developers for remedy and subsequent re-inspection. Once an estate is considered satisfactory a recommendation is then made to have the public areas taken in charge. The statutory procedure for taking in charge is then put in place by the Planning and Development Directorate. 


If you require any further information or assistance please contact Gillian O'Sullivan, Executive Engineer at 021 4924158.



Taking in Charge Policy (191KB)