Bishopstown and Wilton Area Action Plan

Cork City Council adopted the Bishopstown and Wilton Area Action Plan in October 2007. The area action plan relates to the south-western suburbs outlined in the map below.

Bishopstown & Wilton Area Action Plan Cover Image

Bishopstown & Wilton AAP Area Map

The Plan and its proposals

The Bishopstown and Wilton area is a mature and well-established residential suburb which also makes an important contribution to the employment, educational and healthcare needs of Cork City and the wider region. This part of the city is an area with a declining population due to declining household sizes, and a need for a significant improvement in local commercial and community services to provide for the needs of the area.

The Area Action Plan is a “non-statutory” local area plan which is a corporate policy document amplifying the existing planning policy framework and providing a vision for the future development and improvement of the area. It builds upon the issues raised in a first round of public consultation held in March and April 2006, which led to the identification of a number of preliminary objectives that formed the basis for the draft plan. The draft plan was consulted upon between July and September 2006. Over 800 formal submissions were received in relation to the draft plan, a significant proportion of which related to the redevelopment of Wilton District Centre and related lands. The submissions led to a significant number of improvements being made to the area action plan, which was finally adopted by the City Council on 1 October 2007.

The Plan aims to provide an integrated planning and development framework for Bishopstown and Wilton that enables the future orderly and sustainable development of the area.  Some of the key features of the plan include:

  • The control of development in established residential areas;
  • A development framework for the redevelopment of the Wilton District Centre and related lands, to create a strong mixed-use district centre providing a focus for the south-west of the city;
  • The creation of a strong heart (“neighbourhood centre”) to Bishopstown on the
  • The appropriate development of major development opportunity sites in the area to meet the needs of the city region and the local community (including the Victoria Cross /
  • A strategy for recreation and leisure provision, including the protection and enhancement of public spaces within the area;
  • Making it easier to get around the area for all modes of transport; and
  • An implementation strategy including projects estimated to cost €30m with targets for delivery of projects.

The adopted Area Action Plan can be downloaded through the links below as can a number of documents published during the preparation of the plan.

Bishopstown and Wilton Area Action Plan(6,044KB)

The Managers Report on Submissions received during Public Consultation

Manager's Report on Submissions Received during Public Consultation(299KB)

The following documents, used in the preparation of a draft plan, may be downloaded below.

Public Consultation report : Issues And Preliminary Objectives(3,141KB)

Issues Exploration Exhibition Boards

Bishopstown / Wilton Area Action Plan: Public Exhibitions(201KB)

SEA Statement - Bishopstown & Wilton Area Action Plan(75KB)