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North Docks Local Area Plan

The North Docks Local Area Plan, 2005 was adopted by Council on 12th December 2005. The Plan sets out proposals for the transformation of the North Docks area of the City, which has the potential to become a thriving new urban quarter, attractive for business, as well as for people to live, work and visit.

Download the Executive Summary in pdf format.

Executive Summary(79KB)

The Cork Docklands Development Strategy, issued in 2001 and incorporated into the City Development Plan in 2004, set out a long term vision for the Docklands area of the City that built on the unique character of Cork and the dramatic setting of the Docklands. This Local Area Plan provides more detailed guidance to help realise that vision. 

The North Docks LAP area is within walking distance of the City Centre. It extends from Brian Boru Street in the west to Castleview Terrace (Lower) in the east and includes the railway station and surrounding lands adjacent to Horgan’s Quay, as well as residential/commercial areas along the Lower Glanmire Road. It occupies an important strategic position in the City as its re-development is crucial to unlocking the wider development strategy for Cork City Region as a whole and the Docklands in particular.

An extensive range of uses is proposed:

  • A reconfigured Kent Railway Station fronting onto the River Lee, and improvements in public transport with new and improved pedestrian routes
  • A substantial amount of new commercial floorspace
  • Approximately 1,500 new homes, including higher density apartments and family units concentrated on Horgan’s Quay
  • Potential for a new national conference / events centre at Kent Station
  • A new park with adjacent water-based activity, a continuous quayside amenity area, and new smaller public spaces
  • An improved Lower Glanmire Road made possible by a new two-way traffic system and public realm works

The Docklands and Special Projects Directorate was established in recognition of the importance of the Docklands regeneration project to the City and its wider region. Its role will now be to spearhead the redevelopment of the North Docks and co-ordinate its delivery.

The adopted Local Area Plan can be downloaded through the links below as can a number of documents published during the preparation of the Plan.


Download the North Docks Local Area Plan

Plan front and back cover(69KB)

Executive Summary(79KB)


Table of Contents, Acknowledgements(43KB)

Section 1 - Introduction(91KB)

Section 2 - Strategic Context(265KB)

Section 3 - The Plan Area(103KB)

Section 4 - Area wide Strategies(766KB)

Section 5 - Precinct Strategies(753KB)

Section 6 - Implementation strategy(88KB)

Section 7 - Environmental Appraisal(67KB)

Appendices 1-2(95KB)

Download Documents relating to the preparation of the North Docks Local Area Plan

The Managers Report on the North Docks Local Area Plan is available in PDF format.

Managers Report on the North Docks Local Area Plan(155KB)

Appendix One Draft Managers Report Schedule(643KB)

Appendix Two Schedule of Submissions(142KB)

Proposed Alterations to the Draft North Docks Local Area Plan(781KB)

Notice of Proposed Alteration to the Draft North Docks Local Area Plan – October 2005

Manager's Report to City Council on Draft North Docks Local Area Plan 1st December 2005(645KB)

Agreed Amendments and minor changes to the Draft North Docks Local Area Plan(1,377KB)

Variation to Cork City Development Plan 2004

A number of the proposals contained the Draft North Docks Local Area Plan required material changes to the Cork City Development Plan 2004. These relate primarily to minor changes in zoning objectives for the area, as well as changes to dwelling mix, minimum dwelling size, and cycle parking provision. This variation of the development plan was also adopted by the City Council at their meeting on the 12th December 2005:

Variation (No. 2) to the Cork City Development Plan 2004(1,779KB)

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