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Farranferris Local Area Plan Adopted

The Farranferris Local Area Plan was adopted by the Member’s of Cork City Council at the Ordinary Council Meeting of July 13th 2009 subject to the City Manager’s report and recommendations of the 10th June 2009.

Notice of decision to extend duration of the Farranferris Local Area Plan

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 20 (3)(f) of the Planning and Development Acts 2000-2013 that Cork City Council at their meeting of 23rd June 2014 resolved to extend the date by which a new or amended Farranferris Local Area Plan has to be published, from 13th July 2015 to 13th July 2019.

The extension of the period by a further 4 years is on the basis that the objectives of the plan have not been substantially secured, as provided for under Section 20 (3)(d) of the Act.

A copy of this notice is available for inspection at the Information Desk, Strategic Planning and Economic Development Directorate, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork, or at:

Please find a pdf link to the final adopted version of the Farranferris Local Area Plan below.

Farranferris Local Area Plan(8,521KB)

Amendment (No. 1) of the Farranferris Local Area Plan

Cork City Council, at the Ordinary Council meeting of the 28th June 2010, agreed to make a material amendment to the text, (paragraph 4.39, Sports Pitches) of the Farranferris Local Area Plan (adopted 13th July 2009).  

The adopted material amendment to the Local Area Plan is detailed in the pdf link below and relates to the wording of paragraph 4.39 (Sports Pitches) of the Local Area Plan.

Amendment (No. 1) of the Farranferris Local Area Plan(99KB)

Associated Documents

Council Minutes 13-07-09(136KB)

Manager's Report on Public Submissions to Proposed Amendments(211KB)

Proposed Variation/Modification to Draft Farranferris Local Area Plan(1,526KB)

Manager's Report on recommendations and submissions received(284KB)

Draft Farranferris Local Area Plan (2,907KB)

The plan area

Farranferris base Map

Draft Farranferris Local Area Plan Base Map(695KB)