Heritage Projects


It is the aim of the Cork City Council through the work of the Heritage Officer to build on the large body of work already carried out within the City Council in the area of Heritage and to develop strategies and projects in relation to specific Heritage Issues.

The Heritage Officer will also strive to provide support to schools, communities and individuals undertaking Heritage projects and to promote awareness of the Heritage of the City. 

The Cork City Heritage Plan 2015-2020 contains several actions, which are hoped will address the aims and objectives of the Plan.  The Heritage Officer with appropriate partners will implement and project manage these Heritage Plan Actions, subject to resources being available, over the 5 year lifetime of the Plan.

The Cork City Biodiversity Plan 2009-2014 contains 28 actions, a number of which have been realised.  Those, which have not been implemented, have been incorporated into the new Heritage Plan.

Every year in Cork City a series of heritage related events are organized to celebrate Heritage Week, by Cork City Council, community groups, heritage and historical societies and individuals.   The aim of these Heritage Week events is to raise awareness, appreciation and knowledge of Heritage in Cork City in a fun and interactive way.