Heritage Plan 2008: Actions

Heritage Trails

Heritage Plan Ref No 2.6

Cork City Council, in association with the Heritage Council, carried out a study to identify new heritage trails and attractions in the city. A number of possible trails were identified as suitable for development. It was suggested the one trail should cover the entire city centre and contain interpretive signage and orientation maps. A series of i-walks were also suggested. These would be downloadable from the internet to an mp3 player.

Museum Basics Training

Heritage Plan Ref No 3.4

Cork City Council, in association with UCC and the Heritage Council, supported the provision of training on Museum Basics. The training was aimed at individuals, private collectors, professionals, heritage interest groups and Cork City Council personnel. The training course sought to help to conserve and protect collections and to consider their longterm future.

Participants in Museum Basics Training

Participants in Museum basics training.

A Guide to Historic Ironwork in Cork City

Heritage Plan Ref No 2.1

Cork City Council, in association with the Heritage Council, produced a booklet on "Historic Ironwork of Cork City". The Booklet is a follow on from the very successful seminar held in 2007and aims to raise awareness of Cork City's historic ironwork. Topics covered in the brochure include General Introduction, Historic Ironwork in Cork City, Material Properties of Historic Ironwork, Corrosion and Deterioration, Maintenance and Repairing Ironwork. A copy of this booklet can be downloaded here in pdf format or obtained from the Planning Counter at Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork or by emailing

A guide to Historic Ironwork in Cork City

Built Heritage Awards Scheme

Heritage Plan Ref No 2.25

Cork City Council, in partnership with Cork Marketing Partnership, continue to support the Heritage Category in Cork City Better Buildings Awards Scheme. The aim of the project is to promote architectural heritage, conservation achievements and good practice in contemporary design. The project aims to raise awareness of built heritage amongst businesses and developers by focussing not only on the built heritage of the past but also the built heritage we are creating now for future generations.

Built Heritage Awards Scheme

Local Heritage Grant Scheme

Heritage Plan Ref No 1.16

Cork City Council continues to support the Local Heritage Grant Scheme which was aimed at providing core funding in the form of small grants (€100 - €500) for local, community-based heritage groups and individuals who are involved in ongoing work that benefits the Heritage of Cork city.

Discover Cork School's Heritage Project city edition 2007/2008

Heritage Plan Ref No 3.1

Cork City Council, in partnership with the Cork Civic trust and the Heritage Council, funded the Discover Cork School's Heritage Project city edition 2008/2009. This project is a competition that encourages primary and post primary students to explore the origins of their city and to learn more about Cork's rich Heritage. The 2007/2008 project was very successful with 834 students participating and 305 projects being submitted from all across the city.

2008 Schools History Project

Wildflowers of Cork City and County

Heritage Plan Ref No 2.1

Cork City Council, in partnership with Cork County Council, co-funded the preparation of a book on the Flora of Cork City and County written by Mr. Tony O'Mahony. The book will be aimed at those with an interest in the Flora of Cork and will illustrate the vast variety of species in Cork City and County.

Wildflowers of Cork City and County

Heritage Plan Ref No 1.10

A Cork City Landscape Strategy was commissioned by the Planning Policy Section of the Planning Department and was completed and adopted by Cork City Council in June 2008. The document is a compilation of unique studies, designed to review and evaluate existing policies, identify the existing landscape assets in Cork and provide suggestions for the potential management and growth of the city and its resources. The results of the individual studies are condensed into a general Structure Plan which graphically defines the Landscape Strategy.

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