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Cork City Council is committed to the protection and enhancement of the Heritage of Cork City.  To that end a Heritage Plan has been produced for the City.  Cork City Council provides a wide range of heritage services on an ongoing basis.  These services are delivered by a number of professional staff working in different Directorates across Cork City Council including the Heritage Officer, City Archaeologist, Conservation Officer, Cork City Libraries and Local Studies Section, Cork City Public Museum, Cork City and County Archives, Cork City Council Parks Department.  The Cork City Heritage Plan seeks to support the work carried out by those already working and making a positive contribution to the Heritage of the City within Cork City Council.   


Fountain at the English Market
Fountain at the Old English Market


Cork City is the second biggest city in Ireland.  With a population of nearly 120,000 people it spans 3,731 hectares in area.  The operational area for Cork City Council includes the city centre and suburbs to the north and south such as Bishopstown and Ballyvolane, Mayfield and Mahon.

The visitor to Cork is immediately struck by the distinctive topography of the city with its sandstone ridges, high and steep on the north and gentler on the south.  The channels of the River Lee run between these ridges creating a city centre island, linked by bridges to suburbs, old and new, to the north and south.

Cork is a city of contrasts and is a mixture of many diverse cultural traditions.  It's history spans from being a centre of learning and piety in the 7th century to a being a prosperous port in the 18th century. Dubbed the Rebel City, Cork people have a very strong sense of identity and independence.


Boating activity on the River Lee
Boating Activity on the River Lee


The Heritage of Cork City maps and mirrors this diverse and continuous change in Cork and its citizens, from the Vikings through to the Victorians and into the Modern Day.  It is this Heritage, which helps make Cork City the vibrant and interesting place it is today.