Shandon and South Parish Painting Grant Schemes 2018

The 2018 Painting Grant Scheme is assigned to the neighbourhoods of Shandon and the South Parish. Cork City Council has been running grant schemes for the targeted improvement of City Centre buildings and streets since 2006. Last year, 28 buildings (both residential and commercial) benefitted from the scheme, with a total expenditure in excess of €25,000.

What areas are eligible?


The Shandon area is bounded by Shandon St, Cathedral St, Roman St, Upper John St, John Redmond St, Mulgrave Road and Popes Quay and includes all the minor streets and lanes within.  

South Parish

The area stretches from Bishops Street to Summerhill South and is largely defined by the main streets of Barrack Street, Douglas Street and South Terrace, the quaysides from Wandesford Quay to Union Quay and all the minor streets and laneways within.

What works are eligible?

The scheme covers painting and minor repair works to the external fabric of buildings, such as rendering, joinery, shopfronts, signs, fascias, soffits, windows, gutters and downpipes, etc. Other works will be considered on their merits such as roof repairs.

How much can I get?

The grant will cover 50% of the cost of works up to €1,250. In the case of corner buildings (with two frontages onto the street), a grant of up to €2,500 may be considered, providing sufficient funds are available.  The grant for paint materials is limited to €500 per building.

Cork City Council reserves the right to offer grants in excess of the stated maximums in exceptional circumstances, where the works to the building are considered to be of significant benefit to the area.

How are grants allocated?

Grant allocations will be made on a competitive basis according to the benefit of the project to the area as a whole. A scoring system will evaluate applications using criteria such as the condition and visual appearance of the building; its prominence and location; and its protection status.

How do I apply?

Building owners who wish to apply for the grant are required to return a completed application form with three quotations (itemised) for the required works from tax compliant contractors, to Planning Policy Section, City Hall, Cork City Council, Anglesea Street, by not later than 4pm, Friday 20th April 2018.

Application buildings will be inspected and shortlisted in accordance with the scoring criteria. Applicants will be notified of decisions by 4th May 2018.

Following selection, successful applicants will be required to complete works and submit payment claims by 29th July 2018 in order to secure grant funding. Claims for the ‘cost of materials’ must include detailed/ itemised receipts.

Grant funding which has not been availed of or claimed by 29th July 2018 will be re-allocated. 

Important Note

Failure to submit three acceptable quotations at application stage; to submit acceptable detailed/ itemised receipts for works completed or materials following the completion of works; and failure to adhere to the prescribed deadlines set out above will invalidate applications or grant awards.

Please click on the links below for further information

Shandon Application Form

Shandon Map 

South Parish Application Form

South Parish Map