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European Funding

Building our links with Europe through developing networks and increasing participation in EU funded projects is an important strategic initiative which will assist Cork City Council’s development of an all-encompassing smart, sustainable and inclusive city. Over time, the City Council's involvement in various European networks and projects has provided a wealth of learning which has helped to inform the city's development plans and policies.

The EU funding co-ordinator supports the development of Cork City Council’s links with Europe, building the capacity of staff to access EU funding and co-ordinating the Council’s involvement in EU funding applications. A continuous pipeline of applications is in development. If you would like more information on some of our current EU funded projects please click on the links below:

This project brings together cities and industry across 3 "lighthouse" cities (Barcelone, Stockholm and Cologne) in Europe to integrate and demonstrate 12 smart city solutions in low energy districts, integrated infrastructure and sustainable urban transport, to provide other "follower" cities with valuable insights on how they work in practice and opportunities for replication.  Cork is one of the "follower" cities in this project and aims ot learn from the lighthous cities, replicating some of their smart solutions in order to grow and develop as a smart city.  More information can be found at

Grow Smarter 3

Recognising the need for resilience in critical infrastructure (energy grids, transportation etc) when exposed to extreme threats such as flooding, Cork City Council has teamed up with 19 other partners across Europe to collaborate on a set of actions which aim to improve the resilience of Smart Critical Infrastructures (SCI) while addressing the complexities of large integrated systems.  The project aims to develop an innovative methodology for assessing resilience.  Further information can be found at

Smartres 2

Cork has joined up with partners in Spain, Malta, Slovenia, Estonia, Poland and the UK to work on a series of actions over four years aimed at supporting the growth potential of start-ups, capitalising on their ability to act as regional innovation providers.  The project will see the development and implementation of regional action plans to fulfill this aim.  The project actions will be delivered in Cork through the vehicle of Cork Innovates (  More information can be found at

 Innova Foster 2

 ERDF2Horizon 2020 2