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Cork's Potential As A Prime Location For Data Storage And Data Centre Development

Cork City Council, with the support of CorkBIC, IDA and the Cork Chamber of Commerce held a stakeholder engagement event on Friday 9th October at the Clarion Hotel in Cork. The aim of the event was to showcase Cork’s potential as a prime location for data storage and data centre development. Over one hundred delegates were in attendance and included those who have or who anticipate data storage needs, as well as people who have an interest in developing, managing or operating a datacentre here in Cork.

To view the programme, speakers bios and presentations from the event click on the links below:

Background to the Event Cork City Council has, for many years, engaged in a number of initiatives to drive economic activity and to promote the creation of employment opportunities.  Cork possesses strong local and regional eco-systems for the support of innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship and the nurturing, maintenance and development of these eco-systems is a key strand of Government strategies for economic growth and job creation. The continued strength of the eco-systems and supporting infrastructure is essential to the continued growth of the local and regional economies. 

To further strengthen this infrastructure, it is now hoped to promote the development of an eco data centre which can provide a competitively priced service to businesses which in turn can help to secure the continuing economic development of Cork in a competitive global market. The need for data storage continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. The explosion in demand for cloud computing based IT services is driving unprecedented global demand for data storage space. Data centres store IT infrastructure and data for very diverse businesses, from the smaller e-commerce business to the very large IT companies.

Tier 1 connectivity arrived  to Ireland’s southern coast earlier this year. This Tier 1 connectivity will give the region a higher speed and lower cost connection to both Europe and the USA, creating a huge opportunity for providing additional infrastructure to meet this growing demand. The time is considered right to assess the feasibility and means whereby this infrastructural need can be addressed in a manner that can drive the economic development of the region over the coming years. 

A data centre has a massive impact on the jobs market both within and outside the region of it’s chosen location. Data centres are key pieces of infrastructure that supports the operations of industries such as Financial Services, Trading and Logistics, IT/Telecommunications and Content/Media. These jobs in turn generate a considerable amount of income. Whilst a facility itself does not require a large on-site operating staff, the greater impact lies in the jobs its presence creates. These are the employees required to carry out the services which the data centre offers. Furthermore, if businesses in Cork are to rely on overseas data centres the operational risk of businesses increases due to increased exposure to service/network outages.

Cork City Council is now working to actively encourage the development of an eco data centre here in Cork in support of Cork businesses both large and small. Our first step in this process was to hold a stakeholder engagement event on Friday 9th October at the Clarion Hotel in Cork. For further information contact Eileen Crowley (tel 021 4924034 or 4924785)