Cork Docklands Development Strategy 2001

The Cork Docklands Development Strategy 2001, commissioned by Cork City Council, set out a vision for a new urban quarter in Cork that would revitalise the city through high quality, contemporary design and a vibrant mix of uses. Building on the unique character of Cork and the dramatic setting of the Docklands, the vision for the area identified the need for a development strategy to compete with other Irish and European waterfronts. The Docklands Strategy established a focus for the growth of the city, providing an unrivalled opportunity for investment and development in order to maintain and enhance its role as the economic driver for the wider Cork Region.

An extensive range of uses was proposed by the Strategy including:

  • new non-residential uses such as offices, university, retail, cultural and leisure facilities extending through the North and South Docks area.  
  • approximately 6,000 new homes, including higher density apartments, student accommodation and family units concentrated on Horgan's Quay, in the central South Docks area and along Monahan's Road;
  • new parks, public spaces and pedestrian routes, a new marina, moorings and recreation areas distributed across the whole Docklands area; and  
  • a new public transport system, including a new rail station concourse and bus station.

Docklands Masterplan
Docklands Masterplan

 The Cork Docklands Development Strategy, 2001 is available in pdf format and may be downloaded as a complete document or by chapter.

Docklands Development Strategy Summary
Docklands Development Strategy 1.0 intro
Background, Study Objectives, The Opportunity, The Vision.
Docklands Development Strategy 2.0 Planning Framework
Strategic Policy Framework, Local Policy Framework, Other Agenda.
Docklands Development Strategy 3.0 Local And Strategic Context
The Study Area, Location and Strategic Accessibility, Local Connections, Urban Analysis, Infrastructure Network.
Docklands Development Strategy 4.0 Land Use & Economic Review
The Future of the Port, Land Ownership and Key Players, Current Activities, Sectoral Appraisal, Market Demand and Potential, The Strategic Opportunity.
Docklands Development Strategy 5.0 Urban Design Framework
Docklands Development Strategy 5.0 Urban Design Framework #2

A New Urban Structure, A New Urban Grain, Urban Density and Mix of Uses, Building Heights and Massing, Architectural Design, Public Space Strategy, Illustrative Masterplan.
Docklands Development Strategy 6.0 Green Transport Strategy
A Dedicated Public Transport System, A New Kent Station, A New Bus Station, The Walking City.
Docklands Development Strategy 7.0 Highways & Traffic Implications
A New River Crossing Network Potential Capacity Considerations
Docklands Development Strategy 8.0 River & Waterway System
Amenity Potential and Use of the River, Proposed Waterway System, Water Quality and Environment, Flooding and Drainage Issues, A Barrage System, The Quay Walls.
Docklands Development Strategy 9.0 Engineering & Environmental Implications
The Bridges, Ground Conditions, Infrastructure Capacity.
Docklands Development Strategy 10.0 Programme & Financial Appraisal
Project Phasing, Infrastructure and Environmental Improvement Costs, Development Return and Financing.

Consultation and Consensus, Planning Designation, The Strategic Development Process. Next Steps.

Docklands Development Strategy Appendices

Docklands Development Strategy 11.0 Delivery Framework(3,625KB) Consultation and Consensus, Planning Designation, The Strategic Development Process, Next Steps

Cork Docklands Masterplan(3,204KB) Map