The North and South Docks areas area is estimated to have a capacity for some 10,000 residential units, with the majority of these being provided in the larger South Docks area. In the main these will comprise of apartment units although some housing will be encouraged in those areas abutting existing residential areas. In accordance with objectives set out in the Local Area Plans it is intended that these units would be generous in size – exceeding the guidelines set down by the Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Coupled with high quality design and open space provision with easy access to all community facilities it is hoped to attract a higher proportion of owner occupiers and family units to the area than currently living in the existing city centre. In terms of social and affordable housing it is policy to require the provision of such units on site with some 2,000 units proposed as such - 500 social and 1,500 affordable in accordance with national guidelines. To date (mid 2010) over 1,000 residential units have been granted permission in the Docklands area.