Water Supply Study

A Water Supply Study was undertaken and completed by consultants in December 2003. This study identified the deficiencies in the provision of a satisfactory water supply to proposed development in Docklands. The Study made the following recommendations:

  • In order to allow for the full development of both the North and South Docks, an additional supply of water will be required from the Cork County Council Glashaboy Scheme. This will require the extension of a supply main from the Glashaboy Scheme to the Docklands.
  • For security of supply, a further connection from the City and Harbour Scheme in Mahon would be required.

Cork City Council, under the DoECLG’s Water Services Investment Programme, appointed consultants to undertake a Preliminary Report on this project in 2011 which will be expected to verify this approach and provide more detail on routing and costings to bring the project forward to implementation stage.  The Preliminary Report is nearing completion and will be issued to the Department of Environment for approval in early 2012.

The Tivoli Watermain Phase 1 contract was completed in 2009 which brought a 600 mm diametre watermain from Glashboy to a point in the middle of the Port lands in Tivoli.