Jobs@Docklands 2008 Strategy

The regeneration of Cork Docklands provides an important opportunity to address employment exclusion in the city.  It is estimated that c. 27,000 persons could be employed in this area by 2027, excluding construction jobs.  Up to 5,000 suitable job opportunities could therefore be accessible by residents of RAPID Areas.  These areas are not adjacent to Cork Docklands and this increases the need for a proactive approach to enable the residents of RAPID Areas to compete for these jobs.

The JOBS@DOCKLANDS Strategy is in line with inclusion principles enshrined in the North and South Docks Local Area Plans and is based on the experience of projects in both Cork city and elsewhere.  It proposes a collaborative approach to the issue of accessibility to employment.  It commits to the delivery of 1,000 jobs, with a minimum of 750 jobs targeted directly at RAPID areas in the period to 2013.  To achieve this objective, a three year training and support commitment is proposed, based on the skills profile adopted in the National Skills Strategy (fundamental literacy and numerical skills, people-related skills and conceptual/ thinking skills). 

Cork City Council approved the JOBS @DOCKLANDS STRATEGY on July 14th 2008, and specifically the following actions:

Lead Agency: Cork City Development Board

Responsibility for co-ordinating inter-agency collaboration for jobs @ docklands will be assumed by the Cork City Development Board.

Strategy Management: jobs @ docklands workgroup

Day-to-day strategic direction will be provided by the jobs @ docklands workgroup, which will be set up as a sub-committee of the Cork City Development Board.

Strategy Management: Independent Facilitation

Independent facilitation will secure the operational co-ordination between partners and the implementation of programme activities.

Jobs @ docklands: Local Employment Protocols

The agreement will be realised in each of the RAPID areas in the form of local employment protocols covering collaboration in the provision of client supports.

Jobs @ docklands: Cork City Employment Standard

In line with the Cork City Development Board goal where ‘the City will become recognised as a centre of learning nationally and internationally’, a Cork City Employment Standard will be developed to represent collaborative service excellence recognising inter-agency collaboration to facilitate the three-year supported employment training and placement.

JOBS@DOCKLANDS has been referred to the Cork City Development Board for implementation.