Cork Docklands Economic Study 2007


In order to ensure that the redevelopment of the area is under-pinned by economic realities, the Docklands Directorate appointed consultants D.T.Z. Pieda, in association with Sherry Fitzgerald, in March 2006 to undertake an Economic Scope Study of the area. This was used to:

  • build the economic case to underpin the re-development of Docklands;
  • highlight the commercial opportunity for potential private investors and developers; and
  • demonstrate the economic importance of the Docklands Development to public sector investors and Government.

The study also provided guidance to the consultants undertaking the preparation of the South Docks Local Area Plan, 2008 in terms of the likely uses in the area, by the translation of top-line economic sectoral analysis into appropriate land uses. The study therefore allowed for more accurate land use zoning to match development needs and gave realism and direction to the plan in terms of the floor space and locational requirements for uses over 5 to 10 years.

Cork City Council approved the study on December 11th 2006. The report and its appendices (A to F) are available for downloading in pdf format via the links below.

Main Report

Executive Summary
Cork Docklands Economic Study


A - Study Brief
B - Baseline Report
C - Business Survey Results
D - Workshop Report
E - Docklands Regeneration Models
F - FDI Report