Docklands Policy Committee

As part of ongoing consultation with the Members of the City Council, the Docklands Policy Committee was established in April 2006.

The Terms of Reference of the Committee is as follows:

  1. To provide a link between the elected City Council and the Cork Docklands Project;
  2. To advise the City Council on policies and plans to secure the development of Cork Docklands;
  3. To monitor the implementation of the City Council’s policies and plans for the development of Cork Docklands;
  4. To provide a conduit for securing political support at national level so that sufficient and appropriate resources are committed to the development of Cork Docklands.

The Docklands Policy Committee is made up of the following:

  • Cllr. Des Cahill - Chair;
  • Cllr. Terry Shannon, Lord Mayor of Cork;
  • Cllr. Patricia Gosch;  
  • Cllr. Catherine Clancy;
  • Cllr. Chris O'Leary,
  • Cllr. John Kelleher;
  • Cllr. Kenneth O'Flynn;
  • Tim Lucey - City Manager;
  • Kevin Terry – Director of Services - Planning and Development;
  • Pat Ledwidge – Director of Services – Docklands;
  • Ann Bogan – Senior Planner - Planning and Development;
  • Seamus Coghlan – Senior Engineer – Docklands;
  • Evelyn Mitchell – Senior Executive Planner – Docklands Directorate;
  • Elmarie McCarthy, Administrative Officer - Docklands Directorate.