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Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021


Cork City Council is in the process of reviewing the current City Development Plan and preparing a new City Development Plan.  This new plan will replace the current City Development Plan which was adopted in April 2009.The new plan will set out the overall strategy for the future development of Cork City.

Other revelvant policy documents include the Draft Retail Strategy for Metropolitan Cork 2015 - 2021 and the Draft Housing Strategy 2015 - 2021.

The formal review of the Cork City Development Plan 2009-2015 commenced on the 22nd April 2013.  To this end, we have produced an Issues Paper which seeks to identify those issues that need to be addressed in the next City Development Plan.  This Issues Paper forms part of the initial stage of this project and of public consultation on the Cork City Development Plan.

This Issues Paper (Section 11 Consultation Document) is available to download here:

   CCDP Issues Paper

Strategic Environmental Assessment, (SEA)

The central aim of the SEA process is ensure that future development set out in the Plan does not erode or place undue pressure on the natural resources or amenities of the City and adjoining County. SEA should lead to more sustainable development through the systematic appraisal of policy options.

SEA is a formal, systematic evaluation of the likely significant environmental impacts of a proposed plan or programme.  SEA is carried out prior to the adoption of a plan or programme.

The Planning and Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations 2004 and 2011 translate the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Directive 2001/42/EC into Irish law.

The Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government, (DEHLG) issued Guidelines for Regional Authorities and Planning Authorities in November 2004 on the implementation of SEA Directive.

In summary, these guidelines divide the SEA process into a number of stages 

  • Screening to determine whether an SEA is required

(SEA is mandatory for the City Development Plan)

  • Scoping to determine environmental issues
  • Preparation of an Environmental Report
  • SEA Statement
  • Consultation process throughout the procedure

The purpose of the SEA Scoping Report is to identify the significant environmental issues to be taken into consideration in the making of the new Plan; and to form a basis for consultation with the statutory Environmental Authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government, (DECLG).

A copy of the SEA Draft Scoping Report, June 2013 was sent to the Environmental Authorities who were invited to make a written submission. The final Scoping Report is an update of the Draft Scoping Report June 2013 having regard to the submissions received by the Environmental Authorities.

 A copy of the SEA Scoping Report is available from the link below.

SEA Scoping Report November 2013


The development plan is primarily focused on physical planning issues such as the location of development and the appropriate uses of land. However, these cannot be successfully accomplished by us without first understanding the key economic, social and cultural objectives of the wider community.

 The development plan fits into the broader range of policies and plans developed and implemented at a regional, national, European and, ultimately, a global level. Equally, though, the development plan is intended to deal with our local issues.

 What Happens Next ?

This initial public consultation process lasted 8 weeks from the 22nd April to the 17th June 2013.  Following this, submissions were analysed and a City Manager’s Report on the consultation process was prepared for submission to Council. The City Manager's Report on Development Plan consultation was considered by Council and was approved.

The City Manager's Report on the Development Plan can be downloaded here:

  City Manager's Report on Development Plan

 The timetable beyond this will be as follows:

 The Draft Cork City Development Plan 2015 - 2021 has been issued for public consultaion from 8th April to 17th June 2014. It can be viewed at

• A second Manager’s Report will be prepared mid 2014 on the submissions to the Draft Plan. This will then go to Council before a final Plan is agreed. The new Plan is expected to be adopted in early 2015.