Record of Protected Structures

Cork City Council maintains a Record of Protected Structures, which currently includes 1,200 (approximately) buildings of historic, architectural or other significance.


Inclusion of buildings on this record implies a responsibility on owners to protect what makes the buildings special. Any proposals that would affect the special character of a building on the RPS requires planning permission. This includes amendments to internal and external features of significance, such as plan form, key spaces, windows, doors, other detailing and setting [expand]. Owners also have a legal duty to protect structures from endangerment. 

The Minister for Heritage, Environment and Local Government has also identified a list of additional buildings that he recommends are included on the Record of Protected Structures. These can be seen at the “Buildings of Ireland” website  

The City Council is required to consider recommendations made by the Minister when considering proposals for development. It is also required to take the recommendations into account when deciding whether these structures are best protected by adding them to the Record of Protected Structures or designating them as part of an Architectural Conservation Area. 

Cork City Council runs a Conservation Grants Scheme each financial year to assist a small number of building owners with the cost of conserving protected structures.