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Where TO Park and Where NOT to Park in Cork City

Where you can and cannot leave your vehicle, if you want to park in Cork City.

Where TO Park:

You can park in the following places:

  • In a parking space using Cork City Park by Phone, a Parking Disc, Resident's Parking Permit or Disabled Driver's Permit
  • In a Multi-Storey car park
  • In a Private car park
  • In a Surface Level car park
  • In any other location not included in the list of "Where NOT to Park", as shown below


Where NOT to Park:

There are several areas in Cork City where you are not allowed to park. If you ignore these restrictions you could be issued with a parking ticket.

  • Double yellow lines
  • Single yellow lines
  • Parking bays reserved for people with disabilities (unless you display a Disabled Drivers Permit)
  • Loading bays
  • Clearways and Bus lanes
  • Cycle tracks
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Bus and coach parking areas
  • Taxi ranks and Bus stops
  • Other restrictions

Explanations of where NOT to Park: 

Double Yellow Lines:

No parking on a double-yellow line at any time. 

Single Yellow Lines:

No parking during the hours indicated on the street sign. This usually lasts from 7.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

Parking Bays Reserved for People with Disabilities:

No parking at any time except where a valid Disabled Drivers permit is displayed in the vehicle.

Loading Bays:

No parking during the hours indicated on the street sign. This usually lasts from 7.00am to 7.00pm, Monday to Saturday.


Vehicles with a commercial tax disc can park in a loading bay for a maximum of 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading.

Clearways and Bus Lanes:

No parking or stopping during the hours indicated on the street sign.

Cycle Tracks:

Cycle tracks operate on a 24 hour basis unless otherwise indicated on a time plate.

Pedestrian Areas:

A vehicle cannot be driven or parked in a pedestrian area during the hours indicated on the street sign.

Bus/Coach Parking:

No parking for any vehicles other than a licenced bus or coach, unless otherwise indicated on a street sign. The maximum stay for buses/coaches is also indicated on the street sign.

Taxi Ranks and Bus Stops:

No parking is at ANY TIME.


Other Parking Restrictions:

It is illegal to park in a way which interferes with traffic flow or obstructs or endangers other road users, for example:

  • No parking opposite a continuous white line.
  • No parking on a footpath (either partly or wholly).
  • No parking within 5 metres of a junction.
  • No parking at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights, within 15 metres on the approach side or 5 metres on the other side.
  • Do not obstruct any entrance for vehicles except with the occupier’s consent.
  • No parking at a school entrance.
  • No parking on a grass margin or median.