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Cork City Council Traffic Wardens

Responsibility for enforcing the illegal parking of motor vehicles rests with Traffic Wardens and An Garda Siochana. Illegal parking on public roads in Ireland are considered traffic offences. Together with An Garda Siochana, Traffic Wardens are empowered to issue Fixed Charge Penalty Notices for these offences.

Cork City Council employs full time Traffic Wardens to monitor parking.

Parking offences are enforced under the:

  • Road Traffic Acts 1961-1975. The principal legislation governing this area is the Local Authorities (Traffic Wardens) Act 1975
  • Cork City Council Parking Bye-Laws 2005
  • Cork City Council Surface Level Bye-Laws 2012


Duties of a Cork City Council Traffic Warden

A parking ticket can be issued in situations where a Traffic Warden has reasonable grounds for believing someone is committing or has committed an offence.

Traffic Wardens use a handheld computerised device to issue parking tickets. Once an offence is recorded by a Traffic Warden an official Cork City Council Information Notice advising the driver that an alleged offence has been committed is attached to the motor vehicle – A Fixed Charge Penalty Notice is subsequently issued by post.

Notices issued will state you have committed an offence and will detail the following:

  • Date and time of offence
  • Location where offence was committed
  • Car registration
  • Amount payable
  • Methods of payment available