About Park By Phone

Cork City Council offers you the option of paying for parking on the street by the Cork City Park by Phone service..

All you need to do is ring the Cork City parking number (021) 492 4030, and input the zone number for your street, which is displayed on the parking sign on the street, and pay. 

Cork Park By Phone Sign (red circle)

If you have not used the service before, your call will be automatically directed to a customer service representative to assist you.‌ 

As a registered customer, you can:

  • Complete  an automated parking transaction by calling a local number 021-492 4030 from your mobile or landline;
  • You can talk to a customer care assistant on 021-492 4025;
  • Download the FREE Park Magic parking app from iTunes or the Google Play stores;
  • No need to display anything on your car – your vehicle registration number will provide verification once you have paid;
  • You can opt for an automatic top up of your account so you will always have credit for parking.

Alternatively, if you wish to park off-street, please click here for available spaces in Cork City multi-storey car parks and the Black Ash Park & Ride.

  • New Cork City Park by Phone Signage

  • Parking Using a Cork City Parking App

  • Easy to register service

  • No necessity for coins or Pay by Disc

  • Top-Ups at Post Offices and from your car

  • Online receipts for regular users

  • Reminder message sent when parking credit is running low

How To Use

Existing Customers

Existing Customers Login

If you are an existing customer of the service,  you may utilise the service as normal until 17th May 2015. On Monday 18th May 2015, you can continue to use the improved park by phone service simply by accepting the new Terms and Conditions and transferring parking credit to your individual account. The Terms and Conditions are displayed below for ease of reference.

Cork City Park by Phone T&C

Please note the following new telephone numbers:

  • To Pay for On-Street Parking phone 021-492 4030.
  • A new Customer Helpline number is also available to call on 021-492 4025.

You may also wish to download the FREE Cork Park By Phone app from iTunes or the Google Play store.

New Customers

If you are new to this service you can access the service in any of the following ways:

  • Calling the Cork City Park by Phone Helpline on 021-492 4030 or 021-492 4025.
  • Or by downloading the FREE Cork City Park By Phone app from iTunes or Google Play store. 

Register Now

Drivers must deposit money into their Cork City Park by Phone account and this is used to pay for parking. When the credit runs low the drivers can top up over the phone, by clicking below, or by selecting auto top up on the phone or App.

From 18th May 2015, you will be able to top up your parking credit by clicking on the link below:

Top Up Now

Once registered drivers pay to park as follows:

  • By phone, just call 021-492 4030, enter the Zone Number which is located on the nearest parking sign and wait for the system to confirm your payment.
  • By App just select Cork City and then select the Zone from the drop down list. Tap on pay and you're good to go.

park-on-street-sign.jpgEach Street has its own Zone Number.  The Zone Number is displayed on the Cork City Park by Phone sign and includes:

  • The Cork City Park by Phone logo
  • Zone Number for the area you are parking your car. This is a four digit number.
  • Registration contact details
  • Customer Help Desk contact details
  • Website details


If you are a visitor to our city you can access this service in any of the following ways:

  • By downloading the FREE Park Magic parking app from iTunes or the Google Play store.
  • Calling the Cork City Park by Phone Helpline on 021-492 4025.

Terms and Conditions

By opening or using a Cork City Park by Phone Account with Cork City Council or its Appointed Contractor you agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions contained in this Agreement.

Cork City Park by Phone T&C‌ Please read this Agreement carefully.



Cork City Park by Phone Schedule of Fees

Get In Touch

Park By Phone

To Pay for On-Street Parking phone 021-4924030.

Customer Care

A new Customer Helpline number is also available to call on 021-4924025.

Contact Address

Cork City Council,
City Hall,
Anglesea Street,
Cork, Ireland.

email: support@corkcityparkbyphone.ie

News & Promotions

Details of parking news and promotional offers in Cork City.

Contract Parking - North Main Street Car Park

Contract Parking Application Form

Cork City council are pleased to offer customers in the city centre access to contract Parking in North Main Street car park.

The car park is ideally situated in the heart of Cork City in close proximity to the Mercy University Hospital, Gate Cinema, Cork Courthouse along with all shops and amenities on North Main Street and adjoining streets.

Contract parking is available to customers at €100 per month. This guarantees a space in a designated area of the car park.

To apply, please forward the completed application form to contractparking@corkcity.ie

 Contract Parking in North Main St Car Park



New Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Three electric charging points have been installed in two Cork City Centre multi-storey car parks.

The charge points have been installed in Paul Street and North Main Street car parks – both centrally located.  The charge points offer EV users free energy while normal parking charges apply for use of the multi-storey car park.;

  • 2 charge points in Paul Street car park

  • 1 charge point in North Main Street car park

Charges are as follows:

Car Park

EV Charge Point

Price for Parking per hour

Flat Rate Parking Charge

North Main Street



€2.00 (18.30 – 21.30)

Paul Street



€3.50 (18.30 – 0.00)


List of Parking Disc Retailers 2017(78KB) Full list of locations to purchase parking discs within Cork City and the surrounding areas.

St. Patrick's Day - Car Park Opening Hours


Opening Hours of car parks in Cork City on Saturday, March 17th.


Paul Street Car Park 10:00 - 24:00
North Main Street Car Park 10:00 - 21:30
The Black Ash Park & Ride 8:30 - 19:30

The Black Ash Park & Ride, located just off the Kinsale Road Rounabout, is FREE all day. This includes both parking and bus to the city centre. 

Due to road closures in Cork City for the parade, the Black Ash will drop off and pick up on Anglesea Street. 

Normal Charges will apply in North Main Street and Paul Street Car Parks. 

640 x 905