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Roads Asset Management & Maintenance Division

The Asset Management & Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the City's road network to the best possible standard within the present available resources. The work involves the maintenance, repair and/or renewal of the various road and footpath surfaces. An extensive programme of road resurfacing and footpath renewal and repair is carried out each year.

The Division maintains road drainage by cleaning road gullies, clearing and repairing blocked pipes etc. The maintenance and replacement of manholes and gratings is also carried out under this function. Weed control on roads and footpaths is also carried out. Other activities carried out by the Division include maintenance of bridges and quay walls together with other walls, barriers and railings. A certain number of minor road realignments and setbacks are undertaken each year depending on the availability of funding. The extent of works possible in any year depends on funds made available from Government grants, revenue from rates and payments received from outside agencies in respect of footpath alternations and reinstatement of openings. Inadequate funding over many years has led to large sections of roads and footpaths being under maintained with consequential effect on public liability.  The Roads Maintenance Division operates from two local depots, Roads North (including Centre) at Cattle Market Avenue, Shandon Street and Roads South at Ravenscourt, Skehard Road.

Cork City and surroundings have seen millions of pounds invested over previous decades designing, constructing and maintaining a modern road network. This road network is a valuable asset, which enables safe, efficient and convenient access to homes, businesses, industry etc. and impacts positively on the economic, social and cultural life of the city.  It is vital that this asset is managed to secure maximum benefit for the community.  The Asset Management & Maintenance Division manages the protection of this valuable asset. This is achieved through monitoring road openings by the Inspectorate Team undertaken by private individuals and other sections of Cork City Council. 

Complaints relating to roads and roads activities are received, recorded and coordinated by the Roads Asset Management & Maintenance Division.
This section also endeavors to minimize risks on the roads to the citizen by coordinating action and response to public liability claims. 

The following responsibilities are also within the remit of the Asset Management & Maintenance Division

  • Extinguishment of public rights of way.
  • Administration of City Council Ward Schemes.
  • Administrative support to the Roads, Transportation and Safety Committee and the Roads and Transportation Strategic Policy Committee.
  • Taking Estates in Charge.

Customer Service Request

Any service request in relation to an Asset Defect example pothole, block gully, public lighting, spillage etc… should be directed to the Roads & Transportation Customer Service Centre at 021 - 4924189 or 4924758 who will forward your request to the relevant person.