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Welcome to the Personnel Department

Leagan Ghaeilge

Role of the Personnel DepartmentGerard O' Halloran (New)

The Personnel Department manages the City Council's human resources:- its staff. Its primary functions include the selection and recruitment of staff, the provision and maintenance of suitable staff structures, staff training, welfare and industrial relations and the provision of services for retired employees. The staff of over 1,400 is comprised of a wide variety of people with diverse skills and backgrounds including management, professional, technical, administrative, craft and general grades.

The Personnel Department is divided into the following sections:  

Contact Us:  

Personnel Officer, Cork City Council, Floor 3, City Hall, Cork, Ireland.

Office Opening Hours:  

9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.

Telephone Numbers:  

+ 353 21 4924240: Recruitment

+ 353 21 4924125: Industrial Relations

+ 353 21 4924226: Welfare

+ 353 21 4924419: Training    

Fax: + 353 21 4924666.


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