RAPID Togher/Mahon

Some examples of the approach in Togher Mahon can be seen both in the the Plan produced by RAPID for the Area and in the Task Groups that have reported:

  • Community Facilities
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Safety and the Environment
  • Communities That Care

RAPID Areas have been targeted in the allocation of the following funds:

  • Equality for Women Measure - RAPID Strand
  • Dormant Accounts Fund
  • Sports Capital Programme
  • Local Authority Housing Estate Enhancement Fund
  • Health Leverage Fund
  • Playground Fund
  • Justice Equality & Law Reform Childcare Fund.

The Togher-Mahon RAPID Plan

Following consultation with local people a RAPID Plan for Togher- Mahon called “Stepping Stones towards Fairness” was drawn up. The plan brought together a whole range of projects and ideas that local people, community organisations, politicians and agency personnel had been working on for many years. Progress has now been made on many of these projects and much credit is due to all of those people who have worked so hard on the ground.

Some Examples of projects in the plan for which funding from Government epartments and Local Agencies have been approved are:


  • Community Centre, Mahon
  • Southern Orbital Bus
  • Employment Support/Training, Mahon
  • Sport Pitch Development, Mahon
  • All Weather Pitches, Mahon
  • Park and Playground, Mahon
  • Mahon Family Resource Centre
  • Developmental Playground, Mahon
  • Ringmahon House
  • Besboro Childcare
  • In fill Housing
  • Small environmental works


  • Community Centre, Togher
  • Southern Orbital Bus
  • Coffey’s Field Dressing Rooms
  • All Weather Pitches
  • Renovations to Ógra Chorcaí Youth Centre
  • Renovations to Scout Hall
  • ElmVale Pumping Station
  • Renovations to Family Centre, Togher
  •  Infill Housing Consultation on Regeneration of Deanrock Estate
  • Small environmental works

The RAPID Area Implementation Team (AIT)

The Area Implementation Team is at the heart of RAPID. This Team drives the Programme forward. The Area Implementation Team meets every month at a venue in either Togher or Mahon. These meetings monitor how the RAPID Plan is being implemented. The Plan is dynamic and open to change and addition. The AIT discusses a range of community issues that affect quality of life in the area and recommends actions that need to be taken in order to resolve problems. Agency representatives update the AIT on what their agencies are doing in the area.

The Togher-Mahon Area Implementation Team is comprised of Nominees from the following sectors:

  • Community Representatives
  • Cork City Council
  • Health Service Executive
  • FÁS
  • City of Cork VEC
  • Gardaí
  • Department of Social and Family Affairs
  • Cork City Partnership
  • Drugs Task Force

For further information on RAPID in the Togher/Mahon area, contact the local Coordinator, Sandra Cogan-Williamson on 021 4924772 or email

City Hall,
Anglesea Street,

Tel:- 021 4924596 
Fax: 021 4924074 
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