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Illegal Dumping

It is the duty of all owners of the waste to ensure the correct disposal of their waste.

This can be done by availing of a waste collection service from a private waste collection contractor with valid waste permit or by bringing it to an authorised waste disposal facility and disposing of it correctly in the facility.

Where Cork City Council finds material that is illegally dumped and establishes the identity of the owner of the material, the owner regardless of whether they were caught in the act will have proceedings taken against them.

If you see someone dumping illegally, report the matter to Cork City Council on our Litter Free phone number 1800 22 22 26 and the incident will be investigated and any necessary enforcement action will be taken.

Private Property & Litter

The owner or occupier of property that can be seen from a public place is obliged to keep it free of litter. Basically, any outdoor area on your property that is visible from a public place must be kept free of litter

Owners of Areas that the public have access to & Litter

If you are the owner or the person responsible for a place to which the public has access, you are obliged to keep the place litter free, regardless of how the litter got there. This applies to any public place and may include the precincts of a shopping centre, a school campus, a public park, a train or bus station

Dog Fouling

Dog owners must remove their pets' waste from public places and dispose of it in a proper manner. This obligation applies to the following places:

  • public roads and footpaths

  • areas around shopping centres

  • school/sports grounds

  • parks and green areas

  • the immediate area surrounding another person's house.

Posters, Signs & Litter

The law forbids the putting up of posters/signs on poles or on other structures in public places unless you have the written permission of the owner of the pole or other structure in advance of putting up the posters/signs. Cork City Council has a postering protocol to control and regulate postering within the city.

Election posters

Following an election, a party/candidate must remove posters within a seven-day period. After that date, an on-the-spot fine of €150 is issued by the local authority in respect of each offence. Your local authority will remove the poster and issue a fine. If a party/candidate has been issued with a fine and refuses to pay, they can be prosecuted. The maximum penalty on summary conviction for non-payment of the fine is €3,000.

Litter Fines

Offences under the Litter Pollution Act 1997 are subject to an on-the-spot fine of €150 or a maximum fine of €3,000 in court. A person convicted of a litter offence may also be required by the court to pay the local authority's legal costs and cleanup expenses.