City Develpoment Plan 2004

The Cork City Development Plan 2004 was adopted by the Council on 8th December 2003 and came into effect on 5th January 2004. The City Development Plan 2004 puts forward a new vision for the development of the city for the 6 years up to the end of 2009 and beyond. It is a totally new plan and is the first plan for the city prepared under the Planning and Development Act 2000. It is set within the context of the National Spatial Strategy and the Cork Area Strategic Plan (CASP).  

The Plan is extremely wide ranging and comprehensive, covering enterprise and employment, transportation, social issues and housing, the built environment and urban design, environmental management, natural heritage and recreation, the City Centre and Docklands, policies for suburban areas, development control standards and environmental appraisal. 

The Development Plan is divided into 12 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Strategic Context
  • Chapter 3: Enterprise and Employment
  • Chapter 4: Transportation
  • Chapter 5: Social Issues and Housing
  • Chapter 6: Built Environment and Urban Design
  • Chapter 7: Environmental Management
  • Chapter 8: Natural Heritage and Recreation
  • Chapter 9: City Centre Docklands.
  • Chapter 10: Suburban Areas
  • Chapter 11: Development Control Standards
  • Chapter 12: Environmental Appraisal

Chapter 7 outlines Cork City Council’s policies and objectives for achieving a high quality environment in the City. Sustainability and energy efficiency have been given great importance in this chapter, the first five policies are related to sustainability and energy efficiency. These policies are summarised as following,

  • Policy ENV 1 Public Awareness of Energy Best Practice.

The City Council, in partnership with Cork City Energy Agency will continue to increasie public awareness of energy best practice.

  • Policy ENV 2 Best Practice in Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

The City Council, in partnership with Cork City Energy Agency will utilise and encourage best practice methods in the fields of renewable energy and energy conservation

  • Policy ENV 3 Energy Efficiency in Building Stock

The City Council will seek to improve the energy efficiency of its existing building stock

  • Policy ENV 4 Energy Efficiency in New Developments

The City Council will promote energy efficiency in new developments and will require new developments which use a significant amount of energy to submit an energy statement.

  • Policy ENV 5 Innovation in Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy

The City Council will continue to pursue initiatives that promote innovation in the fields of energy conservation and renewable energy resources.

Chapter 7: Environment Management(640KB)

New City Development Plan 2009-2015

Cork City Council is begining the process of reviewing the City Development Plan 2004 and preparing a new City Development Plan on 1st October 2007. The current City Development Plan runs to 2009 and the new Plan will cover the 6 year period 2009-2015. The first step in the process is an 8 week period of public consultation which runs to the 26th November, 2007.

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