Lee Road Hydro Power Scheme

The new life of an old turbine house

The Lee Road turbine house operated as a part of the old City Water Works since the late 1890s. old photo waterworksFive water turbines had been used to power the pump-set which delivered river water up to the old city reservoir.  Fortunately the turbines were not dismantled when they ceased to be used and were in a relatively good condition. The City Council decided to put funding in place to carry out remedial works in the mid 1990s. Silt was dredged up to allow water to flow through the turbines. Electricity generators were brought in and connected to the turbines and the electricity generated from here is fed into the national electricity grid.

The turbine house, which is directly across from Lifetime Lab, presents an excellent example of micro-renewable energy generation. The turbine house has been supplying green electricity to 132 of Cork City Council's electricity accounts since 2004 and delivers a maximum of 1,130 MWh/yr electricity .

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