BER for Large Public Buildings

From 1 January 2009, all public buildings with a gross internal floor area greater than 1000m2 are required to display a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate in a prominent place clearly visible to the public. This requirement is a consequence of the transposition into Irish legislation of Article 7(3) of the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. The definition of public body is contained in S.I. No. 666 of 2006. It essentially includes any public authority or public institution set up by Government enactment. Included are Departments of State, local authorities, the Health Service Executive and public educational establishments.

The BER for large public buildings is calculated as an operational rating, where the primary energy consumed in the building is compared to a benchmark for buildings of the same type, is rated according to a scale A-G, and is displayed on the certificate . There is also a CO2 indicator which shows the CO2 emissions associated with the building's energy consumption.

It is envisaged that the BER certificate will be produced by employees or nominees of eligible public bodies. The information required to carry out the rating consists of the gross internal floor area of the building and records of the total energy used in the building (e.g. electricity bill, gas bills, meters etc) over a recent 12 month period.

If you are a manager in a public body occupying a space >1000m2, then you can nominate an individual (employee or consultant) to carry out the BER for your building(s).

There are fines of up to €5,000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding three months for non-compliance with the regulation (SI No.: 666 of 2006).

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