Greener Home Scheme

Grants for Domestic Renewable Heating System 

The Greener Home Scheme provides assistance to homeowners who intend to purchase a new renewable energy heating system for existing (at least one year old) homes. The scheme is administered by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) and aims to increase the use of renewable energy and sustainable energy technologies in Irish homes.

The grant amounts are as follows:


Heating Systems

Typical lower price

Typical higher price

Grant available

(Phase III, 01 July 2008)

Solar Thermal Space & Hot Water Heating

€800 per m2

€1,300 per m2

€300 per m2 (Evacuated Tube)

€250 per m2  (Flat Plate)
(to max. 12 m2)

Heat Pump- Horizontal Ground Collector




Heat Pump – Vertical Ground Collector




Heat Pump – Water (well) to Water




Heat Pump – Air Source




Wood Chip or Pellet Stove




Wood Chip or Pellet Stove with integral Boiler




Wood Chip or Pellet Boiler




You may download the form and guide from the SEI website