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Heritage Week 2007

For Heritage Week 2007 Cork Public Museum and the Cork Traveller Women’s Network got together to make a Traveller tent.  Though seldom seen today, many of Ireland’s older Travellers would have been born and raised in them.  The tent is made by gathering sally (Hazel) sticks.  These are then placed in the ground in two parallel lines.  The tops of the sticks are then bent towards those opposite and tied together.  This structure is then covered with canvas.  Straw is placed on the ground inside the tent and covered with a blanket.  This provided many Travellers with shelter from the elements.  Photographs by Patsy Twomey.

Making the Traveller Tent

Traveller Tent completed

Making a Traveller Tent at Cork Public Museum

Barrel Top Wagon Traveller Exhibition

Barrel Top Wagon


Traditional Traveller craft of copper smithing

Hand Stitched Quilt

A beautiful hand stitched quilt by the Traveller Culture and Craft Group of Our Lady’s Traveller Training Centre, Mallow.

Traveller Exhibition Cork Public Museum

Traveller Exhibition in Cork Public Museum

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