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Exhibitions at Cork Public Museum 2005

Irish Museum Association Conference

 IMA Conference

In honour of Cork’s designation as European Capital City of Culture 2005 the annual Irish Museum Association conference was held in Cork. Hosted by Cork Public Museum the theme of the conference was ‘Are Museums becoming obsolete?'. The speakers included Dr. David Flemming Director of the National Museums of Liverpool; Dr. Dally Yerkovich, President and CEO of the New Jersey Historical Society; Fiona McLean, Professor of Heritage Management at Glasgow’s Caladonian University; Dr. Hugh McGuire of the Heritage Council; Ronald Kane, Cultural and Heritage Officer, Belfast City Council; Joe Pratty editor of the 24-Hour Museum; Pat Cooke, Director of Kilmainham Jail and Sarah Graham of the Northern Ireland Museums Council. In addition delegates toured the Cork Public Museum, the Cork Butter Museum, Cork City Gaol and the Glucksman Gallery.

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