The Future of Saint Peter's Church

St PetersSt. Peter's is a well-known landmark within the city centre of Cork and has been a centre of community activity for over 700 years. The aim of the project is to maintain the site as a centre of activity through a considered interpretation of its original use. Public access to the building, its exhibitions and city model, will promote awareness of Cork's built environment. The ambition of the Vision Centre is to encourage an academic approach to the complex problem of combining authentic conservation and the contemporary repair and additions to city fabric. The centre will endeavour to protect the antique fabric of the city while promoting considerate new development. It will promote real conservation of architectural fabric and details, and protect and promote an holistic understanding of the environmental nature of older buildings.

Through a process of understanding, teamwork and an individual acceptance of our own abilities and limitations, the quality of design, material detail and the whole city environment may be sustainably developed to a calm, living authenticity. Photo depicts interior of St. Peter's Church with the model of Cork City in the foreground. (Photographer: Kevin Dwyer).