Internal Repairs


Plaster is applied in coats that become smoother, thinner and finer towards the final layer. Every coat must retain some moisture and must not cure too much before a new layer is applied.


st_peters_finishes1.gifIt is crucial that architectural detail which indicates where the final layer of plaster actually finished, particularly near cornices and architraves, is not removed. Curving the plasterwork may be necessary and the objective should be to reinstate it, as it was prior to when work began. Plaster stops were not used at the meeting of different wall planes. Templates were used successfully as guides in earlier coats, and straight edges were finished by hand.(Photographer: Kevin Dwyer).

Timber Repairs

Timber windows and doors were repaired using a matching pine. The original fabric was retained when at all possible. Restoration of the tower louvers was simplified by the fact that the original tracery was clearly evident.