The Deane Monument

st_peters_deane_moneumet.gifWithin the north-east side chapel is located a monument representing Sir Matthew Deane and his wife in prayer on either side of an altar tomb. An inscription reads: "Sir Matthew Deane, Knight Baronet 1710." The Deane Monument represents not only a rare opportunity to demonstrate an academic approach to conservation, but also a chance to demonstrate a mature consideration of cultural tradition.

The monument is to be conserved which will involve the suspension of decay. Where necessary, elements may be restored. New additions will be made obvious and discernible, yet allow the whole to be read as a finished composition.

The approach aims to preserve the cultural value and authenticity of the monument. The basis for the approach to conservation lies in the Venice Charter yet much consideration of the established procedures of archaeology in relation to the consolidation of finds has been given. Analysis of the monument, research discoveries and access to funding now mean that initial works in cleaning and consolidation have begun.