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Hundreds of international delegates in Cork for Academy of Urbanism annual congress on building great cities

Hundreds of international delegates interested in the opportunities and challenges facing ‘cities on the rise’ will travel  to Cork this week, June 27-30 for the  annual congress of the Academy of Urbanism. Keynote speaker is the controversial US ‘ godfather of gentrification’, Richard Florida, who has been derided by some for previously espousing a development philosophy that forced working classes out of city centre.

This Academy of Urbanism conference will ask how mid-sized cities can provide a strong economy for growing populations while ensuring a quality of life for residents and retaining the place’s distinct sense of identity. The congress, which is being held in collaboration with Cork City Council, comes at a time when Cork is projected to become the fastest growing city in the country over the next 20 years with the population of the city set to almost treble under the National Planning Framework and planned boundary extension.

The Congress, which will be held at the Cork School of Music, St Angelas College, the Crawford Art Gallery and Nano Nagle Place, will use Cork as a ‘place laboratory’ to discuss city building and delegates will take bike and riding tours of the city exploring its unique history and heritage and development strategy. The Academy of Urbanism is a politically independent, not-for-profit organisation that brings together both the current and next generation of urban leaders, thinkers and practitioners.  

Past hosts of the Congress include Copenhagen, Dublin, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow, NewcastleGateshead, Bradford and Bristol.

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