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Firefighters in Cork City Council have embarked on Unofficial Industrial Action

Firefighters in Cork City Council have embarked on unofficial industrial action since last  Monday which involves not undertaking the following duties:  entering incident calls on the  Incident Recording System, undertaking drills & training and limiting overtime crewing. These actions are a complete breach of the Public Service Agreements and established industrial relations procedures & practices.

They are a follow on from previous actions which again included non-entering of incident calls on the Incident Recording System. Cork City Council has paid its firefighters all increases due under the Public Service Agreements. Back monies  were due in relation to these increases but Cork City Council is precluded from paying these backmonies until the firefighters comply in full with the terms of the Public Service Agreements.

The current unofficial actions of members of Cork City Fire Service are unwarranted and regrettable.

The City Council remains as always available to meet with official trade union representatives with the objective of bringing these unofficial actions to a timely and constructive conclusion.

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